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What To Wear: 10 Hints for the Preparation of Eid Day

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Hi, everyone. Already almost less than 2 weeks of Muslims fasting in this holy month of Ramadan. The long-awaited day can not wait, that is the Day of Victory or Eid al-Fitr (Hari Raya). Various preparations were made to welcome the blessing of Victory Day, ranging from the preparation of snacks treats at home to Moslem clothing.
In the month of Ramadan, usually the designers will release its Ramadan-themed collection that can be worn for Hari Raya. Lots of brands are presenting the choice of various designs, colors, models, up to style. So, do not get confused. Well here I will review about 10 hints about the brand along with the collection that I am fond of and suitable for the preparation to welcome Hari Raya.

1. Dian Pelangi (

You must already know Dian Pelangi. Dian Pelangi collection is really booming and a lot of demand from different among women. Dian Pelangi able to combine a variety of colors in one form that fit and precisely, in addition to the use of typical Indonesian fabrics also produce a charming creations. Even Dian Pelangi has appeared in various fashion shows abroad, so the quality is unquestionable. Let's check out Dian Pelangi's collection on Fall / Winter 17 like Prive, Krama, and Nom.
left: krama collection
mid: prive collection
right: nom collection

2. Ria Miranda (

Many things that make me love the work of Ria Miranda is the design and materials that she used. She is able to integrate unique designs in one model. In addition, Ria Miranda also likes to use floral style in the design with the impression of a palette of colors that tend to be soft like a pastel or creme, which reflects the modest feminine, clean cut, and modern as a symbol of simplicity that makes it the identity of this brand.
Paragrina collection

3. Zaskia Sungkar (

It can be said, Zaskia is a newcomer designer that quite calculated at this time. Although new, Zaskia design is amazingly fascinating with its collections are able to present a new style in the world of fashion in the homeland, Indonesia. Even more, her collection has strolled in a fashion show abroad. My most favorite collection is Star & Crescent S/S 15 and Mandalika Fall 15. For S/S 16, Zaskia presents Ready To Wear collection, Batavia, and Sadahurip Ramadhan 16 with Ramadan theme.

Sadahurip collection

4. Barli Asmara (

Well, this designer is one of my favorite designers. His artistic creation creates the beauty and richness of Indonesia through its often-known collection with its equisite details. The thing I love about the design is that he is able to present beads, pearls, gems, fringes, and feathers as an alluring fashion detail, with perfect creations techniques like macrame, smocking, and embroidery. His latest collection I love is White by Barli Asmara. The collection is simple and fashionable with the selection of soft color collaboration, suitable to wear during Hari Raya.

White by Barli Asmara collection

5. Kamiidea (

This is a new name I am in love with. Starting from 2009, his name has skyrocketed among fashion lovers. Inspired by Indonesia's tropical climate and the need for clothing, especially for Muslim women, they create wearable, comfortable, yet bold and stand-up clothing. With tie dye specialists as their trademark, this brand is trying to be a trendsetter in Indonesia. Now, they also have resellers not only in Indonesia, but also in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

6. Schmiley Mo (

For all the lovers of daily wear with bright color palette and fun plus bold and quirky, this fashion brand is the right landing place. This brand was conceived by fashion blogger Diana Rikasari, besides she also has another brand, iwearup (, focusing on shoes, clothes, accessories, stationeries, and home goods. Schmiley Mo reflects the fun, happy, and quirky messages in each of their designs. Check out their Ramadan collection. Ready to welcome Victory Day with joy!

7. Agnala (

This brand can be said to be brand new, starting in July 2015 with a brand specializing in kaftans, kaftanbytessafedilla, and then by December 2015 they re-branded into Agnala. Agnala offers formal women wear with elegant and fascinating themes. Not only focusing on kaftans, this brand also offers a mix of collections with unique designs and exclusive materials for each season. Although it can be said is still new, but since launching in December 2015, Agnala has become one of the luxury clothing label premiere in Indonesia.


8. Zysku Xena (

This label was established in 2011 in Bandung by Muhammad Ridzki Fakhreza and Anggi Maulida. This mulim fashion brand is intended for modern, active, and dynamic women and does not hesitate to show the feminine side in their everyday style. This label calls it smart casual. Its attractive design and cuts can be your choice at Hari Raya.


9. Hijab Chic (

This hijab brand is brand new and was established on April 7, 2011. The brand provides ready to wear with colorful themes and designs. The collection is especially for women who dare to look simple but still look attractive at the same time. I fell in love with their simple design and accentuated the interesting pieces with a selection of colors that fit and interesting. Let's peek the collection of the new arrival of the Hijab Chic, guaranteed you will not be disappointed!


10. Zyta Delia (

This brand label takes its name from its founder, Zyta Delia. The blend of beautiful colors and floral motifs, characterize their own collection of hijab and scarves and can provide a feminine look. Zyta chose to use Italiano Crepe as the basic ingredient to make her latest collection, the Fortunate Series. The crepe material has a bending texture and is not rigid. These hijab can be used for formal or semiformal events, and for scarf you can combine it with a fun style, for neck or bag accessories. Let's check the collection immediately before they sold-out!


Well, that's 10 hints for the Feast Day (Hari Raya). For product availability, full description, and price, you can visit each of their websites, or follow their Instagram social media. Happy hunting, gals! :)


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